Big Horn Valley Akitas


On this page I would like to give you access to some important links:

An item to check-up on if you own, or are thinking of owning,

 a pet, is what
you are feeding it!

Life's Abundance is the best dog food we have found. It's a

healthy, premium
dog food, that's reasonably priced &

delivered to your door.

Seems like we can't learn too much about our Akita breed. We

wish to raise happy,
healthy puppies with great temperaments for

 an affordable price.

A well trained Akita is a wonderful pet & companion!

A great link for Akita information is: 

Use this link to see my friend, Rachelle's website. It is very 

impressive & I hope you will take the time to browse:) It will be well

 worth your time!